The Palomar, Soho: Superb

It’s not often that the food matches up to the hype in all the many new openings in London. The Palomar only opened three months ago and already it’s near-impossible to get a booking for a few plates of their stellar “modern Jerusalem” tapas. We finally managed to knab a table and it was definitely worth the wait.



Soho Coffee: 5 of the Best

Nothing soothes the Monday morning blues quite like a steaming hot cup of coffee, nothing picks you up from that 3pm slump like a java jolt, and let’s be honest few things are as pretty as a panda swirled onto the top of a flat white.

A good cup of coffee. It’s not hard to find right? Hmm. We’ve had more than our fair share of burnt beans. We know that in the grand scheme of things it is a trivial thing to moan about it, but in life happiness is found in the simplest of things, and for us that’s good coffee.

So we’ve jitter-bugged ourselves through jars of iced lattes, and shots of espresso, to bring you 5 of the best coffee haunts in Soho. In no particular order…


Haute Eats: 10 Greek Street

You know those restaurants that make you feel right at home, as if you could quite literally be sitting in your kitchen or dining nook? That’s 10 Greek Street. Except the kitchen is a lovely, cosy room with white brick walls and chalkboards, and the food is most definitely not your average mid-week fare. Plus you don’t have to do the washing up. Nice. (more…)