The Baby List – 0 – 3 months

So here at The Haute List we have been quite busy getting married, moving jobs, house hunting and having a baby! That has left little time for blogging… but as part of the thought process behind The Haute List is our love of lists (travel lists… foodie lists… beauty lists etc.) we thought it would be a good time to revive it for this one.

When I was pregnant this year, I only had a couple of friends who had recently had a baby and could help me prepare for all the many things these little people apparently need. Luckily, they were brilliantly organised people (probably why we’re such good friends!) and had lists and spreadsheets on hand to give me. Similar lists tend to do the rounds between friends and over time I started to build my own from hours of Amazon review-reading and my own trial and error.

I am now in the very exciting position of having many more friends who are due soon, and some have asked me for my recommendations to pass on. I’ve tried to think of everything, but inevitably every parent and kid is different and my style and approach is by no means universal. Aurora is also only 3 months old so I have yet to venture into the wonderful world of weaning (although I fear I am already on the boundaries of teething) so it’s only a list of what I would recommend so far. Hope it helps! (more…)

Work Wear for the New Year

As semi-pro online shoppers, we waited anxiously for the sales to start and for our web-baskets to fill with discounted wares, hopefully to arrive the next day (or three…) in a wrapped box, all newly packaged with no make up stains, deodorant marks or questionable odours – the horrendous hallmarks of shopping in sales in the actual stores.

As working gals, we often get distracted by the ripped jeans, the wedge trainers, the leather jackets… everything that is not work appropriate. So this year, we’re trying to behave, be responsible, and to restrict our spending to clothes we can actually wear 80% of the time (but also make up.. shoes.. skincare.. and HOMEWARE (everything from furniture to 1500g candles…) – so not really that strict! Here’s our work-wear edit from what’s out there on the high street – most of it’s on sale now too (does that mean we can buy the jeans?). Everything here has been dipping in and out of our checkout baskets this past week, and we’ve focused on our favourite haunts for smart(ish) wardrobe staples. Let us know if you find any others to tempt us! (more…)