The Travel Hautelist: Rome Edition

The last time I had visited the Ancient City was exactly 10 years ago in 2004 on a break with Jodie. My memories of that trip include gelato for almost every meal, fresh strawberries with lemon and sugar (from McD’s! We were on a budget…), the Diesel store where we invested in our first pair of jeans that weren’t Miss Sixty’s (with those covetable poppers down the sides) or Lois bootlegs, and vague flashbacks of us standing on the top of the Spanish Steps taking photos on very chunky cameras or reading books in the middle of St Peters piazza in the Vatican. (more…)

Happy Place: Borgo Della Marmotta

I keep berating myself for telling everyone about this hotel. It’s the first place I recommend when anyone says they need a few days’ rest, a “non-touristy” break, some peace and quiet away from the rat-race and the smartphone addiction. I silently tell myself off for sharing it, for spreading the word and inviting people to my Borgo. My solace in the middle of Umbria, surrounded by 12,000 olive trees.