The Gallivant: Shabby Chic Boutique Beach Hotel

Gallivant; verb: to roam around in search of pleasure or amusement, often in search of food.

We were certainly hunting for a weekend retreat, somewhere not too far from London with good food and some nice scenery to literally gallivant around. We stumbled upon The Gallivant, a shabby chic boutique hotel which boasted a 2 minute stroll from the beach dunes of the Camber Sands. It was pretty reasonable too considering the location, and the prospect of roaming around on the vast golden beaches in the sunshine ticked a few more boxes! (more…)


The Palomar, Soho: Superb

It’s not often that the food matches up to the hype in all the many new openings in London. The Palomar only opened three months ago and already it’s near-impossible to get a booking for a few plates of their stellar “modern Jerusalem” tapas. We finally managed to knab a table and it was definitely worth the wait.


Cala Conills, Mallorca: dinner in the coves

Cala Conills is my favourite restaurant on the island of Mallorca, found in the small town of Sant Elm. It is carved into the rocks by the sea and looks out onto an island affectionately called “la dragonella” by locals as it looks like a huge dormant dragon who is snoozing in the turquoise waters. Mermaid tendencies are instantly in overdrive.


Haute Eats: 10 Greek Street

You know those restaurants that make you feel right at home, as if you could quite literally be sitting in your kitchen or dining nook? That’s 10 Greek Street. Except the kitchen is a lovely, cosy room with white brick walls and chalkboards, and the food is most definitely not your average mid-week fare. Plus you don’t have to do the washing up. Nice. (more…)

Countryside Charm: Périgueux

There’s this little gem in the southwest of France called Périgueux. Up until a few years ago it was a hidden gem that I knew nothing about, but thankfully that’s changed. I say thankfully because this is the land of duck and truffles, and seriously delicious gastronomy. If you want to spend a few days soaking up the sunshine in the French countryside whilst gorging on magret de canard I highly recommend hightailing it out to the region. (more…)