Luxury Easter Eggs: Five of the Best

Do you remember those Easter eggs you used to get as a kid? Large cardboard boxes eagerly torn to shreds to reveal a glossy, foil-wrapped oval of overwhelmingly sweet, milky chocolate. Our levels of chocolate greed gave Augustus Gloop a serious run for his money.

Then we grew up and the inevitable happened; we started finding those branded eggs cloying and much too sweet. Oh to be a chocolate snob. So we searched high and low for Easter eggs that would satisfy our post-adolescent taste-buds but would still make our inner child chuckle with glee. Luckily for you hautties we found them!

Here’s our top 5 ‘grown-up’ Easter eggs:

paul a young

Paul A Young

The top spot has to go to our favourite UK chocolatier Paul A Young. Their Easter egg is filled with milk, dark and white chocolate mini eggs and is crafted with the kind of care and attention to detail that you come to expect from Paul and his team. Whilst you’re there you should also pick up some of his hot cross bun truffles!


William Curley

We would happily gorge ourselves on any of William Curley’s delectable treats including the mini sea salt caramel eggs. However we really hope someone gets us the Easter egg trio filled with praline and feuillantine milk chocolate. Hint hint.



Haven’t heard of Rococo? You’re missing out. We love their whimsical approach to chocolate especially their scorched almonds (deliciously dusted with cocoa) or their adorable ‘jersey new potatoes’ which look so much like the real thing you might be tempted to knock up a potato salad (don’t – they’re actually nuggets of hazelnut praline enrobed in white chocolate). This Easter treat the vegan or lactose-intolerant in your life to their single origin dark chocolate egg.


Pierre Marcolini

Feeling a little continental? Then how about some treats from the ultimate in Belgian chocolate; Pierre Marcolini. His ‘petit oeufs’ are beautifully chic; a unique selection of Pierre’s praline and grand cru chocolates. Bet you get through the whole box in one sitting….we’re fairly sure we could.


Artisan du Chocolat

The team at Artisan du Chocolat have outdone themselves this Easter with their very own chicken coop. Yes you read that right. The ‘coop’ is filled with 12 eggs in Ecuadorian dark chocolate and dulce de leche milk chocolate. When you’ve noshed your way through those lift the lid to reveal a ‘nest’ of mini eggs filled with a selection of ganaches. Perfect for an Easter timed hen party!

Wishing you luck with your Easter egg hunt!

Jodie Large-2

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