My Haute List: Tim Melideo

We first woke up to the wonderful world of Tim Melideo when we spied his funky coffee prints on instagram (@timmelideo). Tim was born and raised in LA before migrating to NYC to hone his photography skills at grad school. Currently residing in the Big Apple, you can check out his brilliant work at and his snazzy sartorial choices on his blog

tumblr_n0lc6nxEWb1qb6rk6o1_500MG_3063-2 fogbug DSF1167

Tim’s Haute List:

1. Favourite brunch joint?

Gracias Madre in LA or Mudspot and Casimir in NYC.

2. Recently discovered restaurant?

Doomie’s in LA, Don Antonio in NYC.

3. Favourite shops?

Barkeeper or Buffalo Exchange.

4. Best meal?

Margarita DOC at Settebello in Pasadena.

5. Best way to wind down?

Watching Seinfeld!

6. Favourite hotel?

Ace Hotel or Casa Cody in Palm Springs.

7. Happy place?

Palm Springs

8. Wish list destination trip?


9. Best weekend activity?

Brunch, flea markets, pizza, cocktails.

10. Favourite book?

I’m not really a reader.

11. Best piece of advice you’ve received?

Love what you do for work or change jobs until you are doing something you love.

12. Best beauty/cosmetics buy?

Big Sexy Hair extra hold spray!

13. Most treasured trinket?

One of my vintage state mugs that I am collection (almost half-way to 50).

14. Favourite app?


Jodie Large-2

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