Haute Eats: Bobo Social

There’s a glut of burger joints in The Big Smoke. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, like Starbucks, there seems to be one on every street corner. There are some we love: the dirty burgers at Meatliquor with their squidgy, soft buns and deep fried pickles on the side, the gourmet grown-up treats at Burger & Lobster, and the epically monikered hamburgers at Patty & Bun (the Ari Gold is the winner). There are some we’re less fussed about however they will remain nameless.


So when we heard about Bobo Social we sighed with burger fatigue. Another one? But wait. We sighed too soon.

We rocked up to the very unassuming outpost on Charlotte Street. Unlike some other eateries along that stretch of road Bobo Social doesn’t flash or flaunt its wares. We were led through the restaurant to one of the ‘booths’ at the back. If you go to Bobo Social with four or more please ask for one of these, they are quite simply adorable, like little fairytale caverns strung with lights.

Snuggled in our booth with a chilled bottle of prosecco we nibbled on ‘small’ starter plates of crispy squid, heritage tomatoes with feta, and seabass ceviche. The food was delicious; the tomatoes particularly scrumptious, but small was an understatement. These plates were Lilliputian. Come on Bobo, you’re serving up good grub – just give us a bit more please!

When it came to the burgers though, we had no complaints. The lobster and crab burger with dill caper cream and crispy wasabi onions was superb. The patty was chock full of juicy crab & lobster meat and the onions added crunch & punch. At £16.50 it’s not a cheap burger but it’s worth it.

The cheeseburger, although less inventive than some of the other items on the menu (peanut butter burger anyone?), was robust and tasty. The bun was soft, the cheese oozing and the patty succulent. What else can you ask for from a cheeseburger.

The sweet potato fries on the side were awesome. Just awesome. Epic spears of sweet potato dusted with enough truffle salt to elevate but not overpower.

Like I said we sighed too soon. Bobo Social holds its own with the other great burger haunts in London. The only fatigue you’ll suffer from here is the nap you’ll need when you’re done.

Jodie Large-2


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