Rory Dobner – Homeware to Covet

We first came across Rory Dobner after seeing continuous photos of his intricately illustrated ceramic tiles on many of Instagram’s most fashionable photo streams. We fell in love with the alphabet tiles which are probably the most iconic from his range – and then everything else when we stumbled across the Rory Dobner corner on the third floor of Liberty among the other beautiful and whimsical homeware ranges.


With the alphabet range, each ceramic tile letter has its own illustration with something playful and detailed – all in the classic monogram ink. There are also numbers, punctuation marks and a heart, as well as the cat with the monocle that has become so synonymous with Rory’s illustrations. We bought two J’s (they had alternate ones of a “Jewelled Jagger” and a “John Dory”) and the “&” sign. We also loved the new “Tartan Tawny” owl for the “T” and the “Extinct Eccentric” dodo for the “E” – there are some mock ups in Liberty of how you can make phrases and have them framed which looked amazing.

IMG_1428 IMG_1437  IMG_1430

We also loved the plates with the Cat Monocle, the “Bling Bunny” and the “Smokey Fish” – perfect for dinner parties where you want to add some character to your crockery. They are made from fine bone china and then hand painted with 22 carat gold on the edging. Our favourite was the “Time Flies” illustration with an intricate pocket watch with butterflies, and the pirate ship – but all the designs are so beautiful it’s so hard to choose. They’re all available in 3 sizes so it’s so tempted to start to collect a full set!

IMG_1433 IMG_1432 IMG_1431

We came across the candles too which are so beautiful hidden in bone china canisters with the lids – they’re such a gorgeous piece to have even when the candle has finished and perfect for housewarming gifts. We love the “Hot Dog Stripey Blanket” ones which look amazing in a pair so you can see the full dog drawing. The designs also come in a range of cushions and mugs which would add some whimsical touches to any home, as well as the vases seen below.

IMG_1435-0 IMG_1439

We also loved the “Bewitching Bowls” in the different sizes – perfect for a fruit bowl or for soups (love the fishes!). We also thought the original “Intricate Inks” which come in frames were a beautiful idea – we love monogram prints and drawings anyway so we’d love some of these to add to our wall montages. Rory also does bespoke commissions which is such a great idea for really special presents. We were also told that there is a teapot and gorgeous ceramic rabbit salt and pepper shakers coming which we think we might need!!


We’ve loved seeing Rory’s collection grow and for his work to be featured more – he is a Central St Martins graduate and a real British talent. His studio is in Hampstead but you can get his work all over the world now. Liberty’s collection is always growing so we love having a browse there. All of his pieces are such a feature and always attract compliments so we can’t wait to purchase a few more of his treasures.

IMG_1427 rory1

Get collecting! (online shop here and the Liberty range here)


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