Month: October 2014

Alex Monroe: Trinkets to Treasure

I have always loved Alex Monroe’s beautiful gold trinkets. The iconic bumble bee pendants still attract attention and compliments and his collections and I have a growing wish list of feather bracelets and pomegranate necklaces. It was therefore a real treat to meet Mr Monroe at his little shop and studio near London Bridge last week for the launch of his new range called The Haberdashery, hosted together with the Travelling Gin Company.  (more…)


David Bez: How to Jazz up your Salads

We’re big salad fans here at The Haute List. They’re relatively quick and easy to compose, usually full of nutritious ingredients, and let’s be honest a plate of salad justifies the brownie for afters. Yet it’s easy to get stuck in a lettuce rut. The bag of baby spinach leaves thrown in with some tuna and a few slices of cucumber. Nice enough yes, but not exactly innovative. So, imagine our delight when we stumbled across David Bez’s wonderful book ‘Salad Love‘.