Alex Monroe: Trinkets to Treasure

I have always loved Alex Monroe’s beautiful gold trinkets. The iconic bumble bee pendants still attract attention and compliments and his collections and I have a growing wish list of feather bracelets and pomegranate necklaces. It was therefore a real treat to meet Mr Monroe at his little shop and studio near London Bridge last week for the launch of his new range called The Haberdashery, hosted together with the Travelling Gin Company. 

IMG_5045 IMG_5046 IMG_5047

The collection, as you might suspect, is inspired by the craft of sewing. We marvelled at the beautiful little thimbles, tiny string bows and reels of thread that had been turned into the most delicate jewellery.

Our favourites were the little safety pin bracelets and the tiny scissors pendant that looked more “cute craftsman” than sinister!

IMG_5056 IMG_5055

It also reminded us of some of our favourites from Alex’s previous collections, such as the sailboat and the intricate lockets – and of course the bees. They come in all sizes now and are still as charming as they were years ago. I bought one for my sister’s 21st as she was on the go so much (and still is) studying to be an architect that the term “busy bee” seemed to fit quite well. She still gets compliments on it wherever she goes.

IMG_5050 IMG_5052 IMG_5095

One surprise of the evening was that I hadn’t realised Alex had written a book.  “Two Turtle Doves: A Memoir of Making Things” is a semi-autobiographical narrative through Alex’s childhood in Suffolk and where inspirations for his many collections has come from. The heartwarming anecdotes are complimented by illustrations and sketches that demonstrate how ideas and nostalgic memories have influenced his work, which is perhaps why so many can relate to the trinkets that are then on display and they are so often chosen for milestone occasions as timeless heirlooms for friends and family.


My favourites were a mixture of old and new – with the feather necklace, the suitcase, the little bow and the bicycle all on my wish list!

IMG_5096 IMG_5094 IMG_5051

Thank you so much for having us – any excuse to try on treasure!!





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