David Bez: How to Jazz up your Salads

We’re big salad fans here at The Haute List. They’re relatively quick and easy to compose, usually full of nutritious ingredients, and let’s be honest a plate of salad justifies the brownie for afters. Yet it’s easy to get stuck in a lettuce rut. The bag of baby spinach leaves thrown in with some tuna and a few slices of cucumber. Nice enough yes, but not exactly innovative. So, imagine our delight when we stumbled across David Bez’s wonderful book ‘Salad Love‘.

By his own admission David isn’t a chef; he’s a designer and self-proclaimed food lover as well as the creator of the fabulous blog Salad Pride. The book itself isn’t a cookbook, it’s more of a muse; your source of salad inspiration

We love the layout. It’s clear, colourful and vibrant, with over 250 ‘ideas’ (they’re more like compositions than recipes), and there’s truly for something for everyone whether you’re pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan or full on carnivore.

Salad Love is sectioned by season and some of our favourites include summer’s sweet potato, red cabbage and cherry tomatoes, and the more substantial winter salad of taleggio, Jerusalem artichoke and pine nuts. A seriously yum combination.

Since we’re firmly in the season of crunchy leaves we made the autumnal black beans, avocado and brown rice. With fresh tomatoes and a kick of red chilli, it’s perfect by itself or amped up even further with roast chicken.

We substituted the brown rice for camargue red rice only because that’s what we had in the cupboard. Sadly the avocado that looked so tempting in the bowl had yet to ripen so we went without, nevertheless the end result was still truly a thing of love. Salad Love.

Jodie Large-2


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