Month: September 2014

Soho Coffee: 5 of the Best

Nothing soothes the Monday morning blues quite like a steaming hot cup of coffee, nothing picks you up from that 3pm slump like a java jolt, and let’s be honest few things are as pretty as a panda swirled onto the top of a flat white.

A good cup of coffee. It’s not hard to find right? Hmm. We’ve had more than our fair share of burnt beans. We know that in the grand scheme of things it is a trivial thing to moan about it, but in life happiness is found in the simplest of things, and for us that’s good coffee.

So we’ve jitter-bugged ourselves through jars of iced lattes, and shots of espresso, to bring you 5 of the best coffee haunts in Soho. In no particular order…



My Haute List: Kelly Scott of 6 Foot Fashion

Introducing: My Haute List featuring Kelly Scott of 6 Foot Fashion.

Kelly is the Founder of 6 Foot Fashion, an online retail store specialising in clothing, shoes and accessories for tall women. They work with mid to high-end designers including BCBG, Pretty Ballerinas and Coco Cashmere and select the best styles to fit taller frames. Being a tall girl herself, Kelly found that there wasn’t enough choice out there at that end of the market… so she decided to do something about it! Kelly also launched her own eponymous label Kelly Scott London which is currently showcasing its third season for AW14 –  Check out our favourite pieces after Kelly’s Haute List…


Cala Conills, Mallorca: dinner in the coves

Cala Conills is my favourite restaurant on the island of Mallorca, found in the small town of Sant Elm. It is carved into the rocks by the sea and looks out onto an island affectionately called “la dragonella” by locals as it looks like a huge dormant dragon who is snoozing in the turquoise waters. Mermaid tendencies are instantly in overdrive.


Our Five Best Books 2014

One of the perks of rolling into autumn is the excuse it gives us to curl up into the sofa; snug in a blanket with a steaming mug of hot chocolate to hand, and delve into a good book. We’ve always loved great storytelling, and the quiet moments of escape a brilliant novel can provide. To that end we’ve been reading all summer to find the top five picks for you. From an unlikely art heist to a frantic and terrifying murder mystery, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed these five books and hope you will too.


The Travel Hautelist: Rome Edition

The last time I had visited the Ancient City was exactly 10 years ago in 2004 on a break with Jodie. My memories of that trip include gelato for almost every meal, fresh strawberries with lemon and sugar (from McD’s! We were on a budget…), the Diesel store where we invested in our first pair of jeans that weren’t Miss Sixty’s (with those covetable poppers down the sides) or Lois bootlegs, and vague flashbacks of us standing on the top of the Spanish Steps taking photos on very chunky cameras or reading books in the middle of St Peters piazza in the Vatican. (more…)