My Haute List: Jennifer Louise Martin

This edition of My Haute List is by Jennifer Louise Martin, one of our favourite London artists.

With portraits of retro beauties and mixed media pastel wanderlust collages, we were smitten from the first moment we saw Jennifer’s work a few years ago. Our favourites include 60s heroines and some more recent beauties, including Daphne Groeneveld and Lana del Ray. We were lucky enough to visit Jennifer in her beautiful home in Primrose Hill and to hear all about her new projects. The full collection of Jennifer’s paintings are on her website, and Jennifer will be doing an artist’s residency in Vermont, USA in October 2014.

Check out our favourite pieces and Jennifer’s Haute List…

Jennifer’s Haute List

1. Favourite brunch joint?

Caravan, Kings Cross

2. Recently discovered restaurant?

The Fish Shack, Ibiza

3. Favourite shops?

H&M, Selfridges

Start boutique in Shoreditch

Deborah Woolf vintage

4. Best meal?

Fillet steak with black truffle at il Baretto

5. Best way to wind down?

Watch a film

6. Favourite hotel?

The Lone star, Barbados

7. Happy place?

My studio

8. Wish list destination trip?

Costa Rican jungle

9. Best weekend activity?

Painting or wandering around shoreditch/ art gallery

10. Favourite book?

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

11. Best piece of advice you’vereceived?

Stay true to yourself

12. Best beauty buy?

Lucas paw paw ointment

13. Most treasured trinket?

My grandmas pocket mirror

14. Favourite app?


15. Who should feature next on My Haute List?

Francesca segal- author

What’s in Jennifer’s Handbag?




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