Cala Conills, Mallorca: dinner in the coves

Cala Conills is my favourite restaurant on the island of Mallorca, found in the small town of Sant Elm. It is carved into the rocks by the sea and looks out onto an island affectionately called “la dragonella” by locals as it looks like a huge dormant dragon who is snoozing in the turquoise waters. Mermaid tendencies are instantly in overdrive.

The restaurant is ideally reached by boat, and you will see many anchored in the little cove with their passengers arriving to the shores by dinghy (or by lilo if so inclined). We travelled by car for our dinner date, through the unlit winding country road that lead you into the sleepy Sant Elm town. The entrance to the restaurant itself is nestled inbetween some terraced houses, and only when you descend the steps does the secret hideaway reveal itself.

Like every night in Mallorca, I ordered the island’s renowned Pimientos de Padron; small green capsicum peppers (not chilies!) that are fried in oil and smothered in sea salt.

We also went for the tuna tartare, which is delicious and served with avocado and a citrus marinade, and some melon with prosciutto. Other good tapas starters include their eponymous salad and the prawns “pil pil” (sizzling in hot oil and garlic).

The speciality here (as in many Mallorcan restaurants) is La Dorada en Sal or sea bass baked in salt. I rarely stray from this treat, as the fish is so fresh and full of flavour.

Aside from the food, it’s the atmosphere and the view that win me over every time. From the water you would be forgiven for thinking you were moored somewhere in the Caribbean.

The drive back to the motorway at night is a tad sketchy, but it is well worth it. Book a table by the water and enjoy.



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