Haute Eats: 10 Greek Street

You know those restaurants that make you feel right at home, as if you could quite literally be sitting in your kitchen or dining nook? That’s 10 Greek Street. Except the kitchen is a lovely, cosy room with white brick walls and chalkboards, and the food is most definitely not your average mid-week fare. Plus you don’t have to do the washing up. Nice.

Nestled in the heart of Soho, it’s easy to miss 10 Greek Street but believe me once you’ve found this treasure you’ll be back time and time again.

A special friend had an equally special birthday recently and I needed to find somewhere suitably fabulous to take her for lunch. So, naturally off we went to Greek Street.

We kicked off the festivities with fried chipirones; tender baby squid, crisp batter and soft, mellow aioli with the faintest kick of garlic. It was so delicious we could have ordered more and noshed on cephalopods all afternoon.

However, as always with 10 Greek Street, there was too much good stuff on offer and we couldn’t possibly leave it there.

So we stayed in the deep, blue sea and ordered up the halibut with a crab-stuffed courgette flower, and mussels with tomato and tarragon (the maritime theme was purely accidental by the way). The halibut was perfectly cooked; no easy feat with fish, and the courgette flower was beautiful. Although to be fair I’ve yet to meet a deep fried courgette flower I didn’t like.

The mussels were plump, and bathed in a fragrant tomato broth spiked with fresh tarragon. Crowned with baby clams and Toulouse sausage it was nothing short of dreamy.

Suffice to say my birthday pal thoroughly enjoyed her lunch. Another win for 10 Greek Street; the restaurant that never disappoints.

Wishing you all good eats!

Jodie Large-2



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