Beauty Sleep Hautelist

I came to enjoy makeup and skincare quite late – stealing some creme de la mer from mother’s dressing table and turning to Jodie for pearls of wisdom about how to use Clarins Beauty flash balm and the various uses for pots of pigment eye shadow in our teens.

During the week it’s not often that I go through an entire Bedtime Beauty routine, despite the consistent preaching from my ex-make up artist of a mother to never go to bed without taking everything off and applying some night cream. Usually it’s a case of cheap’n’easy makeup wipes and some moisturiser – for years it was Nivea straight out of the classic dark blue tub (not the white – too thin). Make up wipes, I’ve been told, are akin to rubbing sandpaper drenched in alcohol on your face. Slightly troubling as I will often scrub my delicate eye area with them to get rid of stubborn mascara.

Having a Space NK by my office has clearly been dangerous around payday, but it is somewhere you can browse the various lotions and potions in a calm, serene environment on a lunch break and learn about different brands and products.

So I have started to experiment and invest in a few things – I like the ones where they say “you only need a tiny amount” – the cost per use then tends to fall dramatically allowing the price to be somewhat more justified (that’s what a-level maths was for). When time permits, I try to follow my ritual and have started to come around to the idea that a little indulgence is necessary when we are forced to start becoming more responsible about our skin. As I keep hearing, “the skin you care for in your youth is the skin you inherit later” This is also called “looking after your skin in your 20s and 30s so you don’t start paying for needles in your 40s and 50s“.. Or so I am told by my trusted friends* at make up counters.

A few of my favourites are listed below:







I’ve been a devotee of the Eve Lom cleanser with the muslin cloth for a few years now, as it works as a makeup remover, gentle exfoliator and moisturiser in one – plus all the face massaging that goes with it is apparently good for the wrinkles (something about movement boosting collagen renewal). This is one of those “you only need a bit” products – you take a 20p piece worth in your hands, rub them together to warm the product up, and then massage into the face for about 2 minutes – including the eyes which you rub in circles to get rid of the makeup there. If you have a clarisonic, you can use it over the cleaner here for about 30 seconds (Clarisonics are basically electric toothbrushes for your face, and they work well to blend in the cleanser and give your face a good scrub). Then you wet the muslin with some hot water and place it gently over your face. Rinse the cloth and do this twice more (I’m not very good at sticking it that) – it melts the cleanser and opens the pores to allow it to clean all the way through. Then you wet the cloth with cold water and rub it off – the shock of cold after hot closes the pores and cools the skin.


Here comes the night cream. I am currently loving Ren’s Frankinscence – it has the right thickness to it, it’s all natural and it smells amazing. It’s also good for taking on flights as it is under 100ml and I always prefer a thick night cream to counteract the awful dry air that threatens to strip my face of all moisture and my tan! (full plane beauty kit to follow).

Also good: Sarah Chapman’s Skenesis overnight facial, although I only use this once a week. It is lovely and my face feels amazing in the morning. Once again – a little goes a very long way!


If I am on best behaviour this is where eye cream and hand cream come in.

For my eyes, it is currently the Dr Murad Renewal Eye Cream; not too heavy and easy to absorb.

For the hands, I love Jurlique Rose hand cream – although L’Occitane’s almond cream is a very close second. After all, it’s not just the face that will start aging – the hands nowadays are the telltale sign when someone’s face is curiously smooth!

Finally – some ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow spray to send me off to the land of zzz…

*actually very good and beautiful saleswomen who I like to believe are my friends until I get to the till… Still, they do throw more samples in my bag than the other customers *so naive*.





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