Month: August 2014

Happy Place: Borgo Della Marmotta

I keep berating myself for telling everyone about this hotel. It’s the first place I recommend when anyone says they need a few days’ rest, a “non-touristy” break, some peace and quiet away from the rat-race and the smartphone addiction. I silently tell myself off for sharing it, for spreading the word and inviting people to my Borgo. My solace in the middle of Umbria, surrounded by 12,000 olive trees.


UTERQÜE: for those who grew up with Zara

Most people will have their trade mark brands and go-to stores. Mine, invariably, was always Zara for fast fashion and easy shift dresses and blazers. Now, I’ve been introduced to Zara’s big sister: Uterqüe (pronounced “ooh-ter-qweeee), and for once I have been tempted astray.


Haute Eats: 10 Greek Street

You know those restaurants that make you feel right at home, as if you could quite literally be sitting in your kitchen or dining nook? That’s 10 Greek Street. Except the kitchen is a lovely, cosy room with white brick walls and chalkboards, and the food is most definitely not your average mid-week fare. Plus you don’t have to do the washing up. Nice. (more…)

Haute right now: Drawbertson Doodles

If you’re on Instagram and you like art and fashion, you’re probably already all over Mr Robert “Drawbertson” Robertson (@donalddrawbertson), his adorable twin sons and his gaffa-taped cardboard Birkins – you may have even become acquainted with Mitford the Giraffe.